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IOE Identification - Pairings

Note: IOE Pairings are only available to ASH and JBU customers.

IOE functionality flags potential Line Check Airman awards and withholds the equivalent FO pairing from being awarded during the FO award runs.

The system identifies a potential LCA category as any Pilot category, which does not have a parent category. This ensures that the Captain categories are included regardless of the identification of CA, A, or anything else.

Flag or Unflag Pairings

From the IOE Pairings tab, administrators can flag awards made to Line Check Airmen in the parent Captain (CA) run. You can unflag or flag pairings using the double arrows (A) to move a pairing between the columns.

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You can create reports for all of the pairings flagged or create reports for a specific category using the dropdown menus and the Generate (B) button.

Reasons Report

A new reason, called Withheld for IOE, has also been added to the Reasons Report. This reason will be given if a crewmember bids for a pairing that has been flagged as IOE.

Schedule and Roster Reports

The pairings withheld are displayed at the end of the Roster and Stats Report after the Open Time pairings.

Stats Report

The total number of Blocked IOE trips and total credit of Blocked IOE trips are displayed on the Stats Report.

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