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Minimum Credit Window

Minimum Credit Window tells the N-PBS Scheduler to award you a block within the minimum credit window.


  • Minimum Credit Window can be placed above or below Prefer Off and Avoid bid preferences in a Pairing bid group; however, it must be above all Award bid preferences. This bid cannot be forgotten and it will automatically be placed above your first Award bid preference, if you attempt to add it below an Award bid. The interface will not allow the bid to be moved below an Award bid, nor can an Award bid be moved above it.

  • The N-PBS Scheduler stops adding pairings to your block as soon as the total credit is above the minimum credit value.


If your total credit was an hour under the minimum credit value and the N-PBS Scheduler added a pairing with a credit of 15:00, Set Condition Minimum Credit Window would still be considered honored. This is because the N-PBS Scheduler stopped adding pairings as soon as your total credit was over the minimum credit value. The N-PBS Scheduler does not look for other pairings that would keep you closer to the minimum credit value.

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