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Available Training Run Parameters

You can set these parameters for both run templates and queued runs.

Template Parameters


  • The name of the template.

  • _new is appended to the template name to create the name of any run launched using the template.

Category (runs only)

  • The category being run.

Run Parameters

Use Only Sys-Gen Bids

  • Check the box that tells the N-PBS Scheduler to ignore any bids submitted by crewmembers and do a run using only the default bid preferences.

  • A Use Only Sys-Gen Bids run is usually done for analysis purposes, and provides feasibility information as well as a baseline for comparison with runs using Crewmember bids.

Do Junior Assigning

  • The default is set to on. If turned off, the junior assign flag is ignored on training patterns.

Minimum Percentage of May Go's

  • This value ranges from 0 to 100%, with no decimal places. This value represents the number of crewmembers flagged as May Go that must be awarded a training pattern.

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