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N-PBS 22-1 New Features


N-PBS 22-1 New Features 

N-PBS 22-1 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

S-60680 POE/CJT/FLE - CAR 700.40.1.a Implementation  


We've implemented the following rule for reserve: 




This rule enforces 12 hours of rest after every pairing. This rest must be free from all duty. Absences count as duty (and therefore violate the rest) if they are flagged as "Work For Duty". 


Parameters: Name, Description, Example, Value, BufferRestMinutes. 


The buffer, if used, enforces a longer rest of 60 minutes. 

S-60761 AAY Crew Import  


For AAY, we've configured the PBS system to import the AAY Crew File. 


Each record contains BaseName, Crew Classifcation, and Equipment Classification as configured in PBS. 

S-60767 AAY Initial Configuration  


AAY Initial Configuration for new customer.

S-34439 DAL - Data Overlay  


During the bidding process, it's sometimes necessary to import new data for a category(ies). Previously, when importing, if data isn't included in the file, it is overwritten and the category could become devoid of data. 


A DAL admin can now change the current category import file where a category is impacted by the import. The categories not listed after the date in record type zero should not be changed. 


Categories impacted are listed after the date in record type zero. 


When no categories are listed it is assumed that all the categories will be updated. 


S-60037 CJT - Show Split Duty Indicator in Pairing Report  


A new indicator in the pairing view now shows Split Duty for all pairings that are considered Split Duties. 


The new indicator appears in the pairing report in the top header (SDTY) to the right of checkout time. 

S-60173 AAY - Combining Multiple Reserve Blocks  


Neighboring reserve days are combined into a single activity block. 


"Awarded Reserve Days" label is changed to "Awarded Reserve Blocks".  

S-60381 AAY - Merlot Award Export  


A customized Merlot Award Export from the PBS system is available. 



S-60762 AAY - Crew Activity Import (Absences)  


We've created the ability to import AAY Absence Crew Activities. 

S-60765 AAY - Pairing Import  


We've configured the AAY system to import customized pairing format. 

S-60879 AAY - Implement Multiple Proration Tables  


We've configured the AAY system to have multiple proration tables ranging from 8 to 15 days off so you can choose the appropriate table for the system to use for both pairings and reserve. 


If you have multiple proration tables configured, on the run parameter screen with the section Pairing Rule enabled, a subsection displays: 


  • Domicile Rest With Table
  • Containing "Proration Table" Drop down menu with configured values
  • When a run is launched, the table name selected from the drop down overwrites the parameter Proration TableName (configured to have Value "Default"). The scheduler then searches for the corresponding table in the rule configuration. 


AAY is configured with multiple tables. 30_8, 30_9...30_15, 31_8, 31_9...31_15




AAY reserve configuration has multiple proration tables for reserve and the ability to select the table from the run parameter screen.


S-62077 AAY - Crew Activity Import (Historical Pairings)  


We've created the ability to import AAY's Crew Historical Pairings Activity File. 


In-Period credit is the provided total credit.  


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