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N-PBS 23-3 Enhancements


N-PBS 23-3 Enhancements 

N-PBS 23-3 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 4 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation

S-58492 - ALL - WebApp - Checkbox default functionality 

For all bidders, there are modifications to the default functionality of the checkboxes next to the bid options. These modifications are:

  • If the checkbox is unselected, then when you select the checkbox, it should behave the same as if you click the text.
  • If the checkbox is selected, select a checkbox again to remove the check.


If there is data present in the bid option, you should be able to select or deselect the checkbox. 


S-70625 - ASA - Pilot - Allow Pairing Max Days On Waive 6 up to X 

The Waive Max Days On to X, which is currently only used in Reserve Bid groups, is configured to be used in a Pairing Bid group for ASA Pilots (ASAP). The enhancements to the pairing Max Days On Rule supports the modified parameter coming from the bid. 


MinValue: 7

MaxValue: X


S-70296 - ASA - Add Pattern Bid preference 

A Pattern Bid option is now available for the ASA Cabin configuration for both pairing and reserve.


S-71700 - ASA - Make Vacation Any Work for reserve 

This enhancement allows for: 

  • making Vacation Any Work for reserve bid groups. 
  • doing the Day on Adjustment within the Reserve Total Days On Using Credit Proration rule, which ASAP is using.


This enhancement does not include doing the Day Off Adjustment within the Reserve Total Days Off rule. That is done under a separate enhancement.


S-72995 - ASA - Pilot addition of parameter to Rest Before and After Absence Pairing rule 

You can modify the Rest Before and After Absences rule to add a new parameter called "Training Only". This rule is configurable for ASAP. The parameters are:

  • Minutes After - 720
  • Minutes Before - 720
  • Work for Duty Only - False
  • Rest Rules Apply Only - False
  • Training Only - True.


For all other customers, Training Only will be set as False.


S-73920 - ASA - Configure for AM/PM Reserves

The POE for the AM/PM Reserves is now available. This is for both pilot and cabin crew's two reserve types of RSA and RSB.


The following apply to each:

  • RSA - 0400 - 1600. This is the hidden preference line type (i.e., what the bidder gets if they don't express a preference and unaffected by coverage awarding).
  • RSB - 1600 - 0000.


There are two bids for Set Condition for RSA and RSB lines. We are changing the types for any periods that have been prepared, but not yet deactivated (i.e., the current active period and future prepared periods). To use this new configuration, modify the ProrationTableName_[Type] parameters to the Reserve-TotalDaysOff rule.

S-72366 - JZA - Rename Minimum 2 Consecutive Days Off waive 

The Minimum 2 Days Off in a Row waive is now named Minimum 2 Days Off After Consecutive Duty for JZA only using a translation.


S-71273 - MXY - Add Line Check Airmen bid preference option

The Line Check Airmen Bid Preferences (Award/Avoid) can now be added to MXY Pilot bid preferences. This bid preference is in both the current and default bids. You can use the standard Any and Every options:

  • Award bids - Choice
  • Avoid bids - Fixed Any.


S-54505 - NKS - Configure for enhanced Unstacking statistics 

An enhancement to the Unstacking statistics is implemented to the NKS configuration. For example:

  • total number of crewmembers: 289
  • pairing lines: 217
  • total percentage of pairing lines unstacked: 0.46%
  • number of lines with SLG: 21
  • number of SLG above 10% threshold: 3
  • highest percentage of pairing lines assigned SLG: 15.21%
  • CM above the 10% SLG threshold: 77376 (15.21%), 11795 (14.75%), and 69922 (14.29%)
  • highest percentage of pairing lines unstacked: 33.33%
  • highest CM unstacked: 12424
  • maximum Stack Height allowed: 20.


S-72401 - SCX - Modify AIMS Import 

Changes were made to SCX's AIM's Absence and History Importer to accommodate the crewmember's equipment. It is now present in field 11 instead of field 38. All other fields after 11 therefore move up one. 

 The table is an example of how the final output would look like. For cases where the tenth field is "DH" (dead head), there wouldn't be an equipment type.



Field 11 - Crewmember's equipment 


Field 12 - Flight Number 


Field 13 - Leg Sequence Number 




Field 15 - Departure Airport 






Field 18 - Actual Date of Departure (UTC)


Field 19 - Actual Time of Departure (UTC) 


Field 20 - Arrival Airport 






Field 23 - Actual Date of Arrival (UTC)


Field 24 - Actual Time of Arrival (UTC) 




 Field 26 - Actual Block Time














Field 33 - Layover time in HH:MM 










Field 38 - Credit Time by Day (with respect to base time) 

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