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Bids Report

The Bids report displays a list of the latest bids for a selected bid period. You can view the latest bids for all crewmembers, all crewmembers in a specific category, or for a single crewmember. This report is usually used for archiving purposes if you want a record of the bids for a bid period.

Note: A bids report is not connected to a specific run, but it is connected to a specific bid period.

To view the bids report:

  1. Switch to the Reports tab.

  2. Switch to the Bids Report tab, if it isn’t currently displayed.

  3. Set the options for the bids report.

    • select all employees, or a specific crewmember, or a specific category to generate a bids report for

    • show ineligible bidders displays crewmembers that have submitted bids for this bid period, but are currently flagged as ineligible bidders

    • sort by seniority or employee number determines how the bids report is organized, if you are generating a bids report for all employees

  4. Click the Generate Reports button. The N-PBS Scheduler generates the report and displays the list of bids in a separate window.

  5. Click the Close button to return to the Bids Report tab.


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