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Change Crewmember Bids

Administrators can access the Bidder interface to change the regular and regular default bids of any crewmember. When you change and submit a crewmember’s bid, the confirmation number changes. The changed confirmation number is the only indication, aside from the changed bid itself, that the bid has been changed by an administrator. However, the N-PBS Scheduler also keeps track of the administrator who made the changes.

To change a crewmember’s bid:

  1. Click the Bid Manager tab.

  2. Click the Bids tab.

  3. Enter the employee number of the crewmember whose bid you want to change and click the Change Bids button. The N-PBS Bidder interface appears with Admin Mode visible in red letters.

  4. Change the crewmember’s bid. See the N-PBS Bidder Bidder’s Guide for details on changing and submitting bids.

  5. Click the Submit All Bids button to save the changes you made.

  6. Click the Logout button to log out of the N-PBS Bidder interface and return to the N-PBS Scheduler.

  7. Click the List button to view the changes you made to the crewmember’s bids.


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