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Reviewing the info tab


Reviewing the info tab 

This topic outlines the main fields and information presented to you on the information (info) screen. 

We estimate that this will take 4 minutes to complete.


By default, you begin your PBS sessions on the Information screen. It displays at-a-glace, current information about the data the system has for you, and your various bids, their status, and any upcoming events you have. Let's take a look at this screen in detail.


Detailed Explanation 

When you first log into the system, the Information screen displays your current information.


Using this process, you can...(why do they care?) (12pt) 

Let's explore the information shown on this screen, starting with your name and employee number. 


In this training example, all names are fictitious and all data shown is generic system data. Your airline may customize the information displayed for its specific requirements. 

Information about the current bid period is shown here. 

You can see how many trips of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days the bid period contains in the Total Pairings Day Wise chart.  

DEN-319-CA represents your Denver base, 319 equipment and your position (Captain). This information also displays in the upper right of the screen.

You can see the current bid period, along with the confirmation number and date associated with your last sync to the server in the info bar at the top left. 

As a current crew member, your bid eligibility should be Yes.

If your eligibility is set to No for some reason, you can still access the system; you won't be able to place bids, though. 

Seniority indicates your level of seniority compared to all others in the system. 

The Line Check Airman, Green, and Reduced Block attributes show you information specific to these attributes in your bidder profile.

Your training seniority may be different to your overall seniority. 

Training requirements display training events that you are eligible for (if any). 

Any restrictions that your bidder profile may have will be shown here: 

Shadow dates are used in a scenarios where you are a union member and want to see your bid awards, even though you aren't flying for the bid period. This field is blank when there is no union involved.

The Bidding Information portion of the screen works as a Bid Packet Cover Page. Your employer can provide pertinent bid period information such as Credit Windows, Bid Dates, and so forth. The information presented can vary from bid period to bid period and category to category.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned about the main fields on the Information screen.


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