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Change a Crewmember’s Password

You can change a crewmember’s login password. Initial crewmember passwords are usually set to the employee number. You can reset the password to either the employee number or to something else.

To change a crewmember’s password:

  1. Click the Crew tab.

  2. On the Crewmember Details tab, enter the crewmember’s employee number and click the Details button.

  3. Select the crewmember details and click the Edit button.

  4. Click the Change Password tab.

  5. Enter a new password.

  6. Enter the new password again to confirm it.

  7. Click the Change Password button. The crewmember’s password is updated and the Settings tab displays a message telling you your password was changed successfully.

  8. Click the Done button to return to the Crewmember Details tab.

Password Details

These guidelines can be used to help crewmembers select a more secure password.

  • Passwords must be at least six characters long.

  • You can use any letters, numbers, and symbols (including spaces and dashes), except for:

    • ampersand (&)

    • angle brackets ( < and > )

    • single or double quotation marks ( ’r; or ”r; ).

  • Mix numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols in your password. ”r;B1d_$ys3m” is a much more secure password than ”;BidSystem”.

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