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Bid Preference Colors

Each bid preference has a color associated with it.

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Depending on the type of bid, the colors will vary. If you see:

  • Light Blue - These are conditional bids that affect the whole bidding. They are usually placed at the top.

  • Yellow / Golden -  These are Prefer Off preferences and are negative bids. They exclude pairings from consideration during awards and request periods of times that you want to be free of duty.

  • Orange - These are also negative preferences. They identify specifically what the crewmember does not want to perform. These are unwanted pairings or pairing criteria for the current bid period.

  • Green - These are positive bids. They are what the crewmember has specified that they want to perform. For example, with a pairing number or daily credits.

  • Dark Blue - These bid preferences are special instructions submitted by the crewmember. They tell the Scheduler how to manage specific bid preference, or what to do if it can construct a legal block using your initial bid.

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