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Award Stat Day Off Bid Preference

Note: This bid is not available in all configurations. If you don't see this option, it is not available.

An Award Stat Day Off bid preference requests dates off during the bid period taken from your Stat Day Bank. You can see how many hours you have in your Stat Day Bank on the Info tab. You select dates using the drop down menus available from the Award Stat Day tab.

Reminder: You must have a minimum of four hours in your Stat Day Bank to be awarded Stat Day Off. You can calculate the number of Stat days available to you by dividing your Stat Day Bank hours by 4.

  • Bid for days off with the condition of the day off being a Stat Day.

  • Each stat day is equal to four hours credit; this credit counts towards your credit window for the bid period.

  • A stat day does not reduce the minimum days off required.



You have 5 hours of Stat Day Bank time, this entitles the you to 1 Stat Day

Prefer Off Dec 15 IF Stat Day

  • If you have enough seniority to hold December 15th, you will receive the day off with 4 hours of credit towards total credit.

Prefer Off Dec 15, 16 IF Stat Day

  • If you have enough seniority to hold both December 15th and 16th, you will only receive 4 hours of credit for Dec 15 as a Stat Day and Dec 16 will be considered a day off.

Prefer Off Dec 15, 16 IF Stat Day ALL or NOTHING

  • In this example, you would not receive any Stat Days because the N-PBS Scheduler could not honor both the 15th and 16th as a Stat Day.

Award Stat Day Aug 1, 2011

  • The N-PBS Scheduler attempts to award you August 1 off if you have enough hours in your Stat Day Bank.

Reminder: The N-PBS Bidder does not perform a check to ensure you have enough time in your Stat Day Bank when you enter the bid. Your administrator has the ability to limit the number of awarded Stat Days off on any day. You will see 0 Awarded on your Reasons Report if you do not have enough hours for a stat day or if senior bidders have already been awarded the day off.


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