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Block of 4 Days Off

The N-PBS Scheduler has a rule that requires that a flight attendant with the full 11 days off in a period must have at least one 4 day block of days off on a Reserve line. This rule doesn't apply if you don't have the full 11 days off in the period. Using the Waive Block of 4 Days Off bid tells the N-PBS Scheduler that you want to waive the required 4 day block of days off.

You are still eligible for GDOs if you use this waive bid.  A Flight Attendant with at least 1 block of 3 or more days off will receive 3 GDOs. Refer to the GDO allocation article for more information.


  • This bid is for EGF Flight Attendants only and is available for reserve bidding only.  

  • Using the Waive 4 Day Off block only removes the mandatory requirement; you can still receive a 4 day block of days off. This bid, like all bids, only applies to the bid group that ultimately awards your line.  If you have multiple reserve bid groups and you want to waive this requirement you must enter it in all Reserve bid groups.

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