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N-PBS 21-3 Enhancements


N-PBS 21-3 Enhancements 

N-PBS 21-3 Enhancements 

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Detailed Explanation 


The following information outlines all of the enhancements introduced in the Preferential Bidding System (PBS) for release 21-3.  

S-34492-ACA-Configure Reverse Range Priority for Reserve Prefer Off Date Range 


We've altered the Reverse Range Priority to the Reserve bid option Prefer Off Date Range, and Reverse Range Priority to the Training bid option Prefer Off Date Range. 

S-38666-HALC-Add Parameters to Rest Rules 

A new parameter, "Excluded Absence Codes" is added to the following rest rules to eliminate rest prior to COB/UNI:

  • Pairing - RestAfterExtendedRange Flying
  • Pairing - RestAfterPairings
  • Pairing - RestBeforeand AfterPairings

When a rest rule has non-empty values, then rest between pairings and one of the listed absence codes is not checked. Excluded Absence Codes include:

  • UN
  • C2
  • CB
  • CC
  • CN
  • CP (for HALC)       

S-52404-FFT-Create Rest After Base Change Rule (Pairing/Reserve) 

FFT pilots are now subject to a rule, "Pairing-Rest After Base Change", that enforces a 24 hour rest period when the pilot moves from one domicile to another during the transition. The rule is applied for both reserve and line holders. The rule applies to pairings and work for duty absences only. 

S-52978-ACA-Change Calendar Default 

ACA installs now see the traditional calendar view by default in the web app. This setting is configurable to the new view. 

S-53170-ACA-Fix WebApp Allowance Decimal Places 

The behavior in the pairing view of the web app now accounts for two decimal places in the Allowance Field. For example, a value 10.50 displays rather than 10.5. This presentation also appears in the print view of the Pairing screen, as well as the Analyzer in the Bid screen. 

S-53404-QXE-Remove Cabin Redeye Bid Preference 

We've removed the Redeye bid preference from the QXE Cabin Configuration. 

S-53406-QXE and S-53637-NKS - Configure .xls Restriction Import 

Setups for QXE and NKS now include an .xls Restriction import. 

S-53659-ALL-Use Effective Date Configuration for Line Simulator 

We've enhanced the Line Simulator to show "Effective Date" in the dropdown for customers configured with effective date when adding a pairing. 

S-54553-UCA-Add N-OC Import & Export 

The following N-OC import options are added to the existing list of options in the Import Data dropdown list:

  • N-OC Crew
  • N-OC Absence Roster
  • N-OC Pairing
  • N-OC Historical Pairing
  • N-OC Historical Block Type Summary

N-OC exports appear in the Reports tab for finished runs.

S-58201-JBU-CrewTrac Reserve Export Codes for Z21/Y21 Bases Change 

For JBU, PBS now outputs times for Z21/Y21 runs as 0001 to 1440. Note this change impacts reserve codes R4 and R9. 

S-58430-MXY-Add Short/Long Call Condition Bids 

MXY bidders (both Pilot and Cabin Crew) can now add short and long call reserve condition bids, which are awarded accordingly. 


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