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Set Interface Parameters

You can set the polling time for the Run Manager and set the maximum size of filtered lists to prevent excessively long lists from being created. Longer lists take more time to display in the N-PBS Scheduler and the Bidder.

To set the interface parameters:

  1. Click the General tab.

  2. Click the Interface tab.

  3. Make changes to the interface parameters:

    • the polling time for the Run Manager tells the N-PBS Scheduler how often, in minutes, to check and update the status of any in-process and completed runs.

    • the maximum list size identifies the maximum number of items that can be returned in a filtered list, such as pairings. If the number of items exceeds this value, the N-PBS Scheduler displays a dialog instructing the user to narrow their search criteria further

  4. Click the Save button.

You can reset the parameters to their default values by clicking on the Reset button.

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