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Pairings Screen

Pairing screen overview

The Pairing screen is used to search for pairings available in your category. When you first go to the Pairing screen you will see all of the pairings available. Use the options available to filter the list. Once you have found a pairing or pairings you can view the Pairing Report. The Pairing Report will show what line or lines that the pairing is available on.

This section shows you how to customize the screen to show pairing information that is relevant to you. If you customize the screen, your settings will be remembered the next time you log in provided that you log in using the same device and have not deleted cookies.

Other sections will show you how to perform a search to filter the list and how to view a Pairing Report.

Show/Hide Information

Click on the  Show/Hide Info button to change the information displayed. When you click  on the button the panel (shown below) is displayed.

Show/Hide Panel


The green arrow indicates that the information is currently displayed. Click the green arrow to hide the information. No check mark beside an item indicates that the information is not currently displayed. Click beside the item to display it in the information view.

Select Pairings

 Use this button to select or deselect all pairings in the list.


You can choose to sort pairings by Pairing Number, Check-In Time, Check-Out Time, Credit Value, TAFB, L/O Stns (layover stations), Positions, Aircraft Type, Length or Dates. Use the Sort By: drop-down menu to make your selection. Note: options are based on your configuration, not all options may be available.

When you have your list of pairings you can sort them in  ascending or descending order.

Toggle between sorting pairings in descending or ascending order.

This indicates how many pairings are available in your category.


If you do a search the first number indicates how many pairings match your search criteria.

Use this button to toggle between Calender View and Dates View.

Calendar View

Dates View

 Use this button to sync data - loads the latest pairing and bid information.

 Use this button to access help, send a log file to admin, change email and password, or see release info and version number.

 Use this button to log out of the application. Remember to log out instead of closing the browser to avoid losing changes.

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