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Reserve Call Type

Note: This function is not supported for all customers. If you don’t see this option, it is not available.

Reserve Call Types are added to each person with assigned reserve days, and are edited using the Administrator User Interface, under the Config tab and Reserve sub-tab.

Schedule reports can be produced and they include the block of time for each activity (typically a pairing, reserve, or absence), “Start Time”, and “End Time” to the time range. Schedule reports are produced in PDF format, which is accessible through the Administrator User Interface.

Files can also be exported in a variety of formats for importing into the customer’s Day-Of system. These export files indicate which Reserve Call Type was assigned to each person in addition to the Start and End times.

View Reserve Call Types

To view the configured Reserve Call Types, navigate to the Reserve sub-tab under Config tab:

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Call Types are listed along with the settings for each in the respective columns:

  • Name

  • Reserve Status

  • Export Code

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Categories.

To Add a Call Type:

  1. Click the Config tab then the Reserve subtab.

  2. From the right side pane, select Add to add a new call type or Edit to edit an existing Call type after selecting it from the main window. The Add Call Type function displays.

 Graphical user interface 
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  1. Enter the relevant information for the Call Type or edit the pre-filled data:

    • Enter a Name for the call type of your choice.

    • Designate a Reserve Status by selecting either the Long or Short radial button of the respective choice.

    • Enter an Export Code in the respective field.

    • Enter a Start Time and an End Time or use the arrow buttons to step through time setting options.

      • Note: If the Start Time field is “0:00” or “00:00”, it is assumed this is the start of the day. If the End Time field is “0:00” or “00:00”, it is assumed this is the end of the day. If the End Time field is not “0:00” or “00:00”, the Start Time must precede the End Time.

    • Apply Categories to the Call Type by using the double arrow buttons to move the desired category from the Excluded pane to the Applied pane.


  1. Click the Save button.

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