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Lines Screen

The Lines screen is used to bid for lines. Your bid consists of one or more bid preferences. You enter your bid preferences for lines that you want to work in preferential order, meaning, put your first preference at the top of your bid.

A typical work flow could be:

  1. Use the Line Preference editor to find lines that suit your preferences
  2. Enter your bid preferences for lines that you want (enter your bid preferences for lines in preferential order)
  3. If necessary, edit your bid
  4. Submit your bid.

Note: You can submit your bid as many times as you want while bidding is open. You can also add or edit bid preferences if you are off-line. If you are off-line, save your bid before closing and submit it once you are back on-line. Before you can use the application off-line you must sync data.

After bidding is closed, the Scheduler awards lines based on seniority attempting to honor your preferences. However, if a line you bid for has been awarded to senior bidder, the N-PBS Scheduler will move down your bid preferences to try and award you a line that you have bid for. This is why it is important to bid for several lines, especially if your seniority is low. If all of the lines you bid for have been awarded senior, the N-PBS Scheduler will award you a line from the available pool of lines.

Lines screen overview 

The screenshot below displays the main areas of the Lines screen.

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