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N-PBS 23-6 New Features


N-PBS 23-6 New Features 

N-PBS 23-6 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation

S-71260 - ASA Pilots - Create WOCL Turn preference in WebApp

For ASA Pilots, a new bid property Award/Avoid Pairing for If WOCL Turn is now available in the configuration. The syntax of the bid preference is WOCL Turn.

 The WebApp offers this new pairing property under:

  • Award Pairings
  • Avoid Pairings
  • Pairing Search tab under the Filter icon.

Note: This is based on the configuration.


The Analyzer/Pairing filter matches a pairing against the bid, if the pairing has one duty and that duty covers the entire period from 0200 to 0215 Base Time.


Note: WOCL means Window of Circadian Low.


S-71261 - ASA Pilots - Vacation Inviolate Days Off - WebApp

For ASA Pilots, the ability to move or waive Inviolate Days Off (IDO) days is now available in the WebApp.

S-71503 - ASA Pilots - Vacation Inviolate Days Off - Scheduler

For ASA Pilots, the Scheduler function for automatic awarding of Inviolate Days Off as well as the processing of the new bid Set Condition - Inviolate Days Off is now available.

S-72418 - ASA Pilots - Vacation Opt in Admin UI

When the Vacation Reduced Credit is enabled, the Run Parameter screen shows an additional Credit window. A new field called Vacation Reduced Credit is now present below the Max Max Credit Honored field for ASA Pilots.

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S-73507 - ASA Pilots - Pilot I5 crew import

The ability to import the I5 file for ASA Pilots is now available. This allows for ASA Pilots information to be loaded into the database and update the Eligible/Ineligible flag for each crewmember. It is the first file to be imported for the period and consists of data for Captains (CA) and First Officers (FOs), such as:

  • crew ID
  • first name
  • second name
  • rank
  • seniority
  • home base.


This import solution exists for ASA crewmembers; however, it still needs to be modified for the Pilots.

S-73507 - ASA Pilots - Pilot I5 crew import continued

Example scenario: As an ASAP Admin
I want to be able to import the I5 file so that the data is populated into the database and updated with Eligible/Ineligible flag. The user can import other files dependent on the import of this file, and the Scheduler can use this data to prepare runs.

Main tasks:

  1. Adapt entry exists for ASA crew members for ASAP needs and populated data into the Data Base.
  2. Create an entry in the dropdown for imported files and name it JCTE Crew [I5].
  3. Create a column JCTE Crew [I5] to show the results of the import. Note: The column should be displayed in the table in the Pairing Data Status section.
  4. Create and/or adapt error messages to be detailed.
  5. Ensure that changes to ASAP do not affect existing ASA functionality.

After completing development ASAP Admin should be able to:

  1. Log into the Admin UI for ASAP.
  2. Go to the Period tab.
  3. Click the Data button for the selected period.
  4. In the section Import Files, click the dropdown.
  5. Select the JCTE Crew [I5] option from the dropdown.
  6. Click the Choose file button, select a proper .xml file and open it.
  7. Click the Import button.

Expected result:

  • The import logs are displayed.
  • The file is imported successfully.
  • The JCTE Crew [I5] column in the Pairing Data Status table is updated and the downloaded records can be searched in the Crew tab.

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