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Allocation of Training Patterns Awarded

300 Bidders for the period and 200 training patterns are available.

  • 100 Bidders have Must Go requirements

  • 100 Bidders have May Go requirements

  • 100 Bidders have Early Requirements

Administrator requirement Minimum Percentage of May Go's is set at 25%. This value is set by the administrator. This example assumes that no bidders have more than one requirement.

  • 100 Must Go bidders will be awarded 100 training patterns.

  • At least 25 of 100 May Go bidders will be awarded training patterns. May Go bidders may have their preferences denied to reach this number.

  • 75 further awards will be made if all training patterns are Junior Assign (meaning that they must be awarded). Depending on their bid preferences these may be Early or May Go bidders.

Reminder: Bid preferences of senior bidders are always taken into consideration; however, it is not always possible to honor all bid preferences due to seniority, training patterns available, and administrator requirements.

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