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Time Off Before and After - Award Pairings Only

Time off can be entered as hours and minutes or days. The N-PBS Scheduler will only award pairings from this bid if the specified time is available before and/or after regardless of the other options in the bid preference. Any new pairings awarded after this bid preference will honor the time off. The Reasons Report will indicate if a pairing could not be awarded due to the time off not being available.

Award Pairings bid example 

Award Pairings If Time Off Before 1 Days AND After 1 Days

  • It awards pairings if 1 day off is available before and after.


Award Pairings bid example

Award Pairings If Departing On Monday If Time Off After 036:00

  • It awards pairings that depart on Mondays if 36 hours off is available after the pairing.


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