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Must Go Bidders and Junior Assign

The N-PBS Scheduler looks at your Event Requirements status and the Junior Assign status of an event when awarding events. This section shows you how to determine your event requirement and if an event is flagged as Junior Assign. Refer to the Training Module Processing Logic for further information on how you are awarded event patterns.

Must Go Requirement

The Info screen displays your status for event requirements in the Bidder Details section.  The Info screen is the default screen when you first log in  or you can navigate to it at any time by clicking the Info button.

In the screenshot below, the bidder is flagged as Must Go.

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Junior Assign

You can determine if an event is flagged as Junior Assign by looking at the event details. Refer to the View Pattern Details for further information.

In the screenshot below,  the event is flagged as Junior Assign.

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