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Set Condition Bid Preferences

Using Set Condition bid preferences tells the N-PBS Scheduler something about your block, by setting a global condition of some type, such as maximum or minimum credit, patterns of days on or off.

There are two ways that Set Condition bids are placed in the bid group, they are either placed automatically at the top of the bid group or they can be placed above or below Avoid and Prefer Off bid preferences but are forced above Award bid preferences.

Bids Forced to Top of the Bid Group

Vacation GDO, Reserve GDO and Slide Vacation bids are automatically forced to the top of a bid group - these bids are not available in all configurations. These bids are denied only after all of your Avoid Pairings and Prefer Off bid preferences have been denied. Make sure you consider the order in which bid preferences are denied, particularly if some of your Avoid Pairings and Prefer Off bid preferences are more important to you than the Set Condition bid preferences.

Bids Forced Above Award Bid Preferences

Any Set Condition not mentioned above can be placed anywhere in a bid group above an Award Pairings bid preference. These bids cannot be forgotten, this includes the Minimum Base Layover as well. 

Note: The Minimum Base Layover is not available in all configurations.

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