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Excel Export

The Excel Export creates an excel spreadsheet with a column for each statistic that is in the New Stats Report.

You can create one spreadsheet for multiple runs in the same category by holding down the Shift key and selecting multiple runs.

To create a spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Run Manager tab.

  2. Click the Completed tab.

  3. Select the completed run or runs that you want to create an excel export for. You can create an export for completed or published runs.

  4. Click the Excel Export button.

The N-PBS Scheduler opens the export file. Refer to the New Stats Report article for definitions of statistics provided.

Note: You can only generate an Excel Export for runs completed with the  N-PBS version 15-3 and newer. You will get an error message if you attempt to generate an excel export for a run completed with previous versions of N-PBS.


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