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Completed Training Run Statistics

You can view the statistics for a completed or published run. The statistics provide information on:

  • the time it took to complete the run

  • the number and types of bidders

  • the number and types of blocks generated

  • the parameters used for the run

  • why passes were considered unacceptable.

To view the statistics for a run:

  1. Click the Run Manager tab.

  2. Click the Completed tab.

  3. Select the completed run that you want to view statistics for. You can view statistics for completed or published runs.

  4. Click the Stats button beside the appropriate pane.

The N-PBS Scheduler displays the statistics for the run in a separate window.

Run Statistics

The following table provides a more detailed explanation of each of the run statistics.

Run Statistic


Junior Assigning was ENABLED

The status of junior assigning (either enabled or disabled).

Total Crew Members in Group

The number of crewmembers who are bidders.

Crew Members with Training Requirements

The number of crewmembers that have training requirements

Ineligible Bidders with Training Requirements

The number of ineligible bidders.

Total In-period Credit Awarded

The total in-period credit on the blocks of bidders who were awarded a training event.

Junior-Assign Seats Unassigned

The number of bidders who were awarded training through junior assigning.

Must Go Requirements not Satisfied

The number of Must Go Requirements that could not be awarded.

Unassigned Seats: List of unassigned Training Events including

  • Pattern Name

  • Date

  • Total Seats

  • Unassigned Seats

  • Junior Assign.

Training Requirements Summary: A list of: 

  • Training Type

  • State

  • Overall Requirements

  • Satisfied Requirements.

Pattern Awards Summary: Summary of the awarded training.

Scheduler Details: Overview of the techniques used to honor bids and a summary of the results of these techniques.

Options: A list of scheduler options and rules used.

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