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N-PBS 21-2 Enhancements


N-PBS 21-2 Enhancements 

N-PBS 21-2 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

S-34446 - QXE- 6 Consecutive Reserve Days over Transition 


A new rule, MaxDaysOnExcludingTransition is added. It functions similarly to Max Days On, but ignores blocks that cross the Period Start Boundary. It adopts the parameters from the Compulsory Reserve Max Days On rule.

This new rule has one parameter: Max Days Update Config Spreadsheet. The parameter is only for Cabin Change Reserve Max Days on from 5 to 6, and removes the possibility of waiving the parameter. This new rule allows Horizon Airlines (QXE) Cabin crewmembers to be awarded 6 consecutive reserve days over the bid transition period without the requirement to waive the limitation.

S-34497 - RGA - Change in UDO/SLG Functionality 


For RGA, the definition of "honored" for the purposes of deciding whether to consider a bid for UDO awarding has changed to include bids which say "honored" on the Reasons report, even if the line was built from SLG.

S-34511 - Increase Aircraft Type Bid Area 


The Aircraft list area now displays up to 10 aircraft, increasing from the former limit of 4 values.

S-34579 - MXY - Configuration Update 


For Breeze Airways (MXY), we added parameters for Reduced block, Reduced Block Proration for Lines/Reserve, Reserve Total Days Off, Peak, and NonPeak settings. 

S-34852 - CJT - Handle Pre-awarded Codes as GDO 


Pre-awarded codes for Cargo Jet Airlines (CJT) have been modified with the following enhancements:

  • A new  absence code flag Counts as Pairing GDO is added.
  • A Counts as Reserve GDO is added.
  • A change to the scheduler to account for these flags in CJT GDO allocation.

S-38025 - FFT - Reserve Crewtrac Export Code Change 


The export code for reserve code is changed from to P in the .Lin & .BAW files:

  • Line Type: Block holder
  • Pay Type: Reserve 

S-38613 - JBU - Crew Restriction .CSV Import Enhancement 


The Crew Information tab contains a new field that includes the Equip/Pos a crew member is restricted to fly. This data can be imported using a comma-separated values (CSV) file, similar to the existing aircraft, location, position or restriction importer. Fields that can be imported include CrewID, EquipPos and Function

S-39353 - FFT - Configure Training Module Award Report 


The Training Module Award Report is now provided for Frontier Airlines (FFT).

S-43781 - QXE - Create New Min Days Off Rule Parameter 


Horizon Air (QXE) cabin crew can now be awarded a single day off on the first day of a bid period provided that day off is preceded by a single day of reserve on the last day of the previous bid period. 

S-51301 QXE - Reserve Coloring Export Report Implementation 

The AIMS Job 146 Export now includes the reserve call type code if it is available. If unavailable, RL is used by default. 

S-51690 ACA - Remove All Special International City Pairs from Importer 


All Special International city pairs are removed from the Importer for the current bid period. The historical import still marks pairings as special international. 

S-52184 - Add Position Bids for JBU Pilots 


JBU pilots now can add position bids using the left to right option.

S-52185 - Change JBU CrewTrac Employee Plus Import 


JetBlue (JBU) CrewTrac Employee Plus data imports now read columns 35 through 39 for primary qualifications while considering restrictions. Note: Any qualifications given there should not appear as a restriction. 

S-53011 - JBU - Modify Rest After City Pairs Rule 


For Jetblue, the Rest After City Pairs rule now applies to DH legs. 

S-53061 - JBU - 1700 Reserve End Import Change 


We changed the JetBlue Reserve End value for importing to handle 2400 as 1700 for the previous day when importing the CrewTrac historical file. 

S-53071 - DAL - Change RRL Coverage Functionality 


When processing a Reduced Regular Line (RRL) bid group, the window for unstacking is now the RRL window. 

S-53192 - JBU - Change in-flight Absence Code Export 


For JetBlue (JBU), we changed the two-letter absence code of TL to export as R9 instead of R3. 


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