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Add or Edit a Pre-Awarded Absence

An absence can only apply to a single bid period. If you are adding a pre-awarded absence that overlaps with another bid period, you need to create two absences for each bid period that the absence is in.

To add or edit a pre-awarded absence:

  1. Click the Crew tab.

  2. Click the Crewmember's Detail tab. 

  3. Enter an Employee Number and select the employee.

  4. Click the Activities button. 

  5. Click the Absences tab.

  6. Select one of these options:

    • Click the Add button to add a new absence. 

    • Select the absence and click the Edit button to edit an existing absence.

    • Select the absence and click the Delete button to delete an absence.

  7. Click the Save button and return to the Absences tab.

  8. Click the Done button to return to the Crew Member Details tab.


  • To add or modify the absence details, you need to enter or check these details:

    • category

    • absence code

    • start time and date

    • end time and date.

  • You can check the Use Absence Code default time checkbox to use the default time of the absence code or you can uncheck the checkbox and set a specific start and end time for the absence.

    • The N-PBS Scheduler lets you set the time of an absence from midnight of one day to midnight of the next day in two ways:

      • July 12 2011 0:00 to July 12 2011 24:00

      • July 12 2011 0:00 to July 13 2011 0:00

      • Both of these times mean the same thing, but you can choose which method of displaying the time.

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