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Edit a Crewmember

You can also edit certain data for multiple crewmembers at once. You can edit three aspects of a crewmember’s data:

  • change their information, qualifications, and restrictions

  • add a pre-awarded absence

  • pre-assign a pairing.

Select a crewmember to edit

Before you can edit a crewmember, you need to display their details.

To display a crewmember's details:

  1. Click the Crew tab.

  2. Click the Crewmember Details tab.

  3. Enter the crewmember’s employee number.

  4. Click the Details button. The N-PBS Scheduler displays the crewmember’s details.

To change a crewmember’s details:

  1. Click on the crewmember’s details to highlight them.

  2. Click the Edit button. The N-PBS Scheduler displays the crewmember’s details.

  3. Make changes to the crewmember’s details.

    • You can add qualifications and restrictions by selecting them from a dropdown list or typing them into the appropriate field then clicking the appropriate Add button.

    • You can remove qualifications and restrictions by clicking on the item then clicking the appropriate Remove button.

    • You can add and edit categories for a crewmember by following these steps:

  4. Click the Add button in the Categories pane, or select an existing category and click the Edit button.

  5. Select the category to add from the dropdown list.

    • Note: You can only add a new category that is compatible with the existing categories assigned to the crewmember.

  6. Enter the crewmember’s seniority.

  7. Check the Eligible check box.

  8. Click the OK button.

  9. Click the Save button and return to the Crewmember Details tab.

To delete a crewmember’s data:

  1. Click on the crewmember’s details to highlight them.

    • Note: This procedure assumes that you have already selected a crewmember using the procedure in the “Select a crewmember to edit” section above.

  2. Click the Delete button. The N-PBS Scheduler asks you to confirm that you want to delete the Crewmember’s data.

  3. Click the OK button. The N-PBS Scheduler removes the crewmember from the list and deletes their data.

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