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Synchronization function


Synchronization function 

In this topic we will describe how to synchronize your bid data and periods to your device from the server. 

We estimate that this will take 4 minutes to complete.


PBS uses a server to manage and calculate all of the requests for bids from the crew in your airline. As such, the bids you make on your device may become out of sync with the data on the server. Before the system can process all of the bids together, you must sync your device's data to that of the server.

PBS automatically synchronizes data at each login, but you can also manually synchronize to the server to access earlier bid periods. Let's look at data synchronization in the system. 

Detailed Explanation 

As mentioned, synchronization automatically takes place whenever you log into the system. But, there are two reasons to manually synchronize your data from the server to your device:

  • Your administrator changes your data on the server.
  • You want to see additional bid periods on your device so you can see historical bid periods (typically, so you can copy previous bids into the current bid period).

Interaction 1 Click the Synchronize image.

Interaction 1 Click the Select Periods dropdown button.

Currently, FEB2021 and JAN2021 are being synchronized to your device as indicated by the small check marks to the right of the list item. Let's add DEC_2020 (an earlier period) to this list. 

Interaction 1 Click the DEC_2020 list item.


The definition of bid periods varies by airline. In this example, months are used to determine when bid periods begin and end. This may not be the case with your setup. 

Interaction 2 Click the Synchronize button.

With the earlier data now available on your device, you can use it to copy over older bid groups to save your having to recreate them for the current bid period. Let's check the results of this synchronization to ensure you have the data you need.

Interaction 1 Click the Bids tab.

Interaction 2 Click the Current tab.

Interaction 1 Click the Bid For dropdown button.

The synchronized bid periods, including the one you selected, show in the list.

If you select the newly synchronized item, its bids become available to you to reference or copy.

We will work through using this data in a later topic, "Setting Up Default Bids".

Interaction 2 Click the Jan 2021 list item.


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