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19-4 New features


19-4 New features 

This topic will cover the new features in the 19-4 Preferential Bidding System. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-163 - JBU - Pilot Vacation Slide

Jetblue can now provide vacation blocks that cross bid periods.

A Pilot may slide his vacation three (3) or fewer calendar day(s) in either direction during the PBS bidding process.


The slide is subject to the following restrictions. It cannot conflict with:

  • A pairing
  • A Reserve day
  • A Restricted Absence day
  • Slide Restricted Absence
  • Blackout Date


Other things to note about this new functionality:

  • When the vacation that crosses the bid period is slid, PBS will adjust the in-period credit accordingly.
  • A vacation slide cannot be denied due to unstacking.
  • All slid vacations must be done prior to all processing, including coverage awards.
  • A vacation already scheduled over a Blackout Date can be slid; only new, unscheduled vacation is restricted.
  • PBS will alert a user submitting a slide vacation including a crossover with a message indicating the potential adjustment of credit during award process.
  • PBS will generate a separate administrator report of all users who have been approved a vacation slide which crosses the bid period.

NPBS-164 - QXE - Pilot blocks 3 days off

QXE pilots will now be awarded at least 2 blocks of 3 days off in a bid period for both lineholders and reserve.

 Pilots have the ability to waive this requirement down to either 1 block or 0 blocks. 

NPBS-91 - HAL - Flight attendant waive Max Days On

HAL flight attendants are now able to waive Max Days On from a within a reserve bid group.

This new feature applies to flight attendant's reserve only. When waived, the number of days can extend to the maximum value of 99 days, if possible.

 A flight attendant can elect to Waive Calendar Day Free From Duty, and the system will subsequently allow the flight attendant's waive to be used in the scheduler process. 

NPBS-168 - NKS - Reserve Total Days On Using Credit Proration

NKS crewmembers now use a new rule which determines the number of reserve days on that must be awarded to a crewmember on reserve.

Rather than the usual Reserve Total Days Off rule, the new Reserve Total Days On Using Credit Proration rule is used.

For each person, this rule enforces a fixed, exact number of reserve days on. For example, if this rule determines that a particular person must get 18 reserve days on in the current period,
 then they must get exactly 18 reserve days on (17 or 19 would not be allowed). 

NPBS-241- ALL - Overlap Rule Parameter

The PBS will not allow any two activities to be awarded which occur at precisely the same time.
That is, instances where the end time of an activity is the same as the start time of the subsequent activity.

While the system already prevents any two activities which overlap (when at least 1 is newly-awarded and they are not a hub-turn pair),
this new overlap parameter further ensures there is a one minute buffer between the Pairing Allocation Overlap rule and the Event Allocation Overlap rule.

 This parameter is configurable by the Administrator. By default, all customers have this setting configured to be disabled. 

NPBS-258- JBU - Bid Preference Add

Jetblue pilots now have these new bid options:

  • Add Award/Avoid Carry-Out bid option 
  • Add Award/Avoid Deadhead legs
  • Add Award/Avoid Line Check Airmen
  • Add Followed By Option – Maximum Time Between Pairings 

NPBS-336- FFT - Redeye Definition

When importing crewplan pairing data, administrators are now able to flag flights as 'redeye' if the time is between 01:00 and 4:59 inclusive.

NPBS-350- BWA - Enable Green on Green

When looking at the crew menu and creating or editing an employee, Administrators now see a "Green" check box.

When the flag is checked, the green on green restriction functionality is active.


NPBS-374- BWA - Create and Configure 'NoSameDayDuty'

Administrators can now create and configure a new rule called 'NoSameDayDuties' for the Events module.

The rule disallows any case of two duties on the same day if they come from two separate activities, and at least one is not a pre-award (and is not a slid absence).

This applies to both pilot and cabin.

A Duty includes:

  • any Event within an event pattern that is flagged as Work for Duty
  • any Absence flagged as Work for Duty
  • any Pairing duty

NPBS-375- JZA - Max Stat Bank Value in Administrator UI Reserve Run Template

When Accessing the Reserve Run Template, JZA administrators can now enter a Max Stat Bank value. 


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