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N-PBS 24-1 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 24.1 Bugs 

N-PBS 24.1 Bugs 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-40980 - ALL - Calendar Year Issue - WebApp

We corrected an issue where the Calendar Year displays incorrectly.

The issue was due to an error managing the index. By adding the year as a property of the calendar object, there is no need for complex index treatment.
With this being resolved, January 1st now starts from 2024, not 2023.

D-41045 - CJT/FLE/POE - Bug with Reserve_Car_700_29_1ci1cii rule
 causing failure to build lines for some crewmembers

We resolved an issue in the code used for the rule CAR_700_29_1ci1cii.


In previous versions, the rule fails with the user having a reserve day on the first day of the period in combination with the user's pre-awards. Due to this, the system fails in building a reserve line, even though there could be a legal reserve line without reserve on the first day of the period. This is resolved.


D-41418 - QXE - Cumulative Flight Time Violation

An issue where the import of historical pairings reads the scheduled arrival time instead of the actual arrival time, resulting in incorrect cumulative flight times has been resolved.

 The system now reads the actual arrival column upon import. 


D-41607 - NKS - Unable to select Training Preferences

We corrected an issue where crewmembers could not sort Training Preferences, needing to scroll manually through all Training Instances. 

Now, they can filter by specific Training Preferences: 

  • Pattern Start
  • Pattern Touches
  • Event Start
  • Event Touches


D-41936 - ASA/ASAP - Avoid RedEye Preference "counting deadhead legs" missing when in Bids tab

An issue where the RedEye Award/Avoid sub-bid options were missing the Counting Deadhead qualifier has been resolved.

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