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N-PBS 21-2 New Features


N-PBS 21-2 New Features 

N-PBS 21-2 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

S-34427 - Blank Proration Table Update 


Administrators doing reserve runs now have the option to select a blank choice from the Reserve Proration dropdown menu and selecting a proration table under Reserve Rule Parameters and within the Total Days Off in Period section. The blank selection is the default value when creating a template. 

S-34686 - Roster Report Enhancement


The Roster Report now includes the ability to show/include or hide/exclude sections of a completed run report. You can show or hide Lineholders, Reserves, Reduced Block, Bidders with No Line, and Ineligible Bidders. The Roster Report includes all items checked; if an item is left unchecked, the associated section is excluded. By default, all the check boxes in this section are selected.


S-34745 - ASH - Min Day Off Relaxation 


For Mesa Airlines, when a reserve block cannot be achieved because of the Reserve-TotalDaysOff rule, the Min Day Off rule is now relaxed in increments of one day. Any other automatically relaxed rules take precedent over Reserve-TotalDaysOff, and are relaxed first. 

S-34797 - Create new bid - Pairing Number Check-In Date


A new bid option, Pairing Number Check-In Date functions the same as Pairing Number Depart On but uses the check-in date instead of the departure date. The bid option includes ordered. 

S-34807 - JBU - Conditional Grouping and Bidding to Vacation Slide


Configuration for JetBlue (JBU) Vacation Slide Activity is changed to the following:

  • Only blocks of multiples of 7 slide activity length (for example 7,14, 21).
  • For absences that can be grouped together, only neighboring blocks which are both not multiples of 7 are grouped together.
  • If a grouped vacation length is not a multiple of 7, it is not viewable by the bidder and does not appear in the dropdown.

S-34827 - ASH - Create New Rule Set 


We've created a new rule set for Mesa Airlines which uses ASH: (ASH-737). The rule has FAR 121 rules from the ASH-Pilot Ruleset, but not FAR 117. A new proration table in conjunction with the new rule set is also included.

S-41502 - HAL/HALC - Modify GDO Bid Honoring for Complete Blocks Prefer Off Bids 


The system now awards as many complete blocks of GDOs as possible. This is a change from only awarding as many days from the full set of days within the honored blocks.

For example, for weekends, the system maximizes the number of complete weekends of GDOs in the following way:

In situations where one of the weekend days has a pre-assigned non-working activity (and so is seen as a complete weekend off), PBS attempts to find open SAT/SUN periods first to comply with the Weekends GDO request. After all open SAT/SUN periods are exhausted, PBS applies single weekend GDO days as needed.

 In situations where a weekend is half inside/half outside the bid period, PBS attempts to find open SAT/SUN periods first to comply with the Weekends GDO request. After all open SAT/SUN periods are exhausted, PBS applies single weekend GDO days as needed. 


S-41523 JBU - Add Equipment Position Restrictions to Advance Search Window 


For JetBlue, the Add Equipment Position Restrictions window on the Crewmember Advance Search page is now disabled in Bulk Edit mode. 

S-51805 - UCA - Add N-OC Integrated Imports 


We've configured the Integrated Imports section for CommutAir (UCA). 

S-52403 - JBU - Change Green on Green Logic 


For JetBlue, only a single green pilot (that is, one with less than 75 hours flight time) is permitted in the crew compliment. Two green crew members from the same crew classification in the same run are disallowed. This restriction allows inclusion of shared legs (non-DH only) when looking for other green crew members. 

S-53010 - JBU - WebApp - Show Crew Equipment/Position Restrictions 


We've modified the web app to show only the the restrictions that are relevant to the persons category in the Position Restrictions field. Relevant restrictions are a combination of equipment (taken from the equipment classification), and position (taken from the crew classification from the relevant category). 

S-53145 - FFT - Configure for JCTE Imports/Exports 


We've configured FFT for JCTE Import and Export in addition to the CrewTrac formats that are currently configured. 

S-53189 - Additional Field in GetRuns ClassAPI 


Three fields have been added to the GetRuns report of the API: 

  • Base:
  • Equipment Classification:
  • Crew Classification:

For training runs these fields display N/A. 

S-53289 - FLE - New N-PBS Configuration


A new customer configuration has been added. 


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