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N-PBS 21-1 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 21-1 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 21-1 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-887 JBU CrewTrac Lin Baw : Unable to Generate Cabin Run Output 

We corrected an error that prevented the system from generating the CrewTrac Lin/Baw output file for a run with Reserve Lines. The system now accepts two AlternateNames for ReserveBlockType Code.  

NPBS-852 Training Template - Training Scheduler - Minimum Percentage of May Go's parameter value can be set higher than 100 

The minimum percentage of May Go's on training templates added from the Scheduler can now be set to higher than 100. 

NPBS-882 Vacation Extension (GDO) : GDO selection for multiple vacation blocks disallowed 

We corrected an issue that prevented the selection of allowed GDO (3 for each vacation block) for multiple vacation blocks. While the configured limit is for each vacation block, the system incorrectly disallowed users to go over that limit if there were multiple vacation blocks.  

NPBS-881 Vacation Extension (GDO) unable to select eligible days in certain scenario

We corrected an issue that prevented the Vacation Extension (GDO) from selecting eligible days off in certain scenarios. 

NPBS-853 WebApp - Training - Filter - Seats - The filter does not hide the Seats selection 

We've corrected an error where the Seats column in the web application did not hide when explicitly configured to do so through the display options. 


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