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N-PBS 20-6 Enhancements


N-PBS 20-6 Enhancements 

N-PBS 20-6 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-289 - HAL - Reserve GDO Combined 

Reserve GDO Functionality for HAL & HALC is enhanced from the existing customer GDO functionality. The enhanced Reserve GDO allocation is a process performed after the allocation of days on and off has already been completed for everyone in the run. It is referred to as a 'post-process'.

  • Reserve GDOs are only awarded to reserve line-holders.
  • Each reserve line-holder is processed in seniority order, and awarded their GDOs. taking into account various rules and restrictions.
  • There are no bids entered specifically for the GDO award, but the system will take account of dates specified in the bidder’s prefer-off bids.
  • The GDOs that are awarded will be shown on various run reports, and included in the export of run results.

A GDO Processing toggle (on/off) displays at the bottom of the run template which includes a parameter that limits the Maximum GDO Percentage. 

NPBS-289 - HAL - Reserve GDO Combined 



Selecting this check box generates the GDO post-process report. 

NPBS-442 - DAL - Events Module Training Type / Identifier content correction 

The events training module now displays only the training patterns that are available to you. Previously, some of the displayed training modules were not available for bidding, which could cause confusion. This change applies to both the Training and Bids tabs.  

NPBS-844 -POE - Configure New CAR Rules for Cabin 

Porter Administrators see a new CAR700 entry in the Cabin Rules. When launching runs for cabin categories, the new CAR700 entry appears in the drop-down list with the other options. 

NPBS-821 - Add Pairing/Reserve GDO Parameter to Run Template 

A new sub-section called GDO Processing now appears below the Pairing/Reserve Unstacking Sections. Check box selections (set to selected by default) are there for Reserve/Pairing GDO processing. When examining a run parameter screen and GDO Processing is enabled (for Pairing and/or Reserve), the GDO processing sections show for Pairing and/or Reserve. When doing a scheduler run, the relevant GDO Allocation (for Pairing and/or Reserve) is executed if the check box is selected. 


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