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20-5 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 20-5 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 20-5 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 10 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-816 HALC - Fix Waive No Same Day Pairings/Trips Config 

Corrected an issue for HALC that impacted the waive bid function, inhibiting Bid Key add Rule Modes from being added. 

NPBS-803 Web App : Vacation Extension: Unable to bid for GDO days for eligible vacations (two types) 

Corrected an error that prevented you from bidding for GDO days for eligible vacations if those vacations were of two types (for example, VC and BT).  

NPBS-802 Web App : Vacation Extension (GDO) : Unable to bid for eligible days adjacent to carry-in vacation 

Corrected an issue that prevented bids for eligible GDO days adjacent to carry-in vacation (Vacation Extension).

NPBS-796 Days of Week Range - Heading does not match selection 

The heading displayed when navigating to the Bids > Award Pairing > Pairing Check-Out Time > Days of Week Range was incorrect. This same problem occurred with the Pairing Check-In Time option. Both problems have been corrected. 

NPBS-769 Schedule Report (direct button) Splitting Work/Non-Work Activities 

Generating a schedule report directly from the Completed Runs tab generates a report assuming the Split Apart Working and Non-Working Activities option was selected. The new behavior is to assume that option is not selected, leaving reported activities on a single line. 

NPBS-746 WebApp - Change Email - The response email text shows wrong sender 

When registering a new email address through the WebApp (and Administration user interface), the generated email response listed an incorrect company name.

 All such responses now correctly identify as associated with NAVBLUE. 

NPBS-551 PBS WebApp: Day of Week Calendar Widget - Multiple to Single Day Selection 

Items selected using a multi-select which then highlight no longer keep those highlights if you change your selection and select only a single item. In previous versions of the software these highlights incorrectly persisted, or highlighted different options when a new selection was made. 

NPBS-822 WebApp Tool Tips at bottom of screen showing only partially 

Tool tips shown close to the bottom of the Pairing or the Bid tab screen are no longer truncated. 

NPBS-830 Locations Table Validation Issue 

Corrected a situation where invalid data was allowed to be saved when adding locations by latitude and longitude individually (manually). In such cases, the system warned of invalid data, but still allowed it. If that data was subsequently imported, this caused the system to disallow the data that was previously added manually.

The text below Lat/Long  box has been changed to indicate value ranges from -90.000 to 90.000. Minute Values must range from .000 to .599. 

NPBS-838 WebApp: Missing Pairing Numbers

Corrected an issue in the WebApp where the Pairing Number and Pairing Number Depart displayed in the drop down list were missing some Pairing Numbers.This issue occurred only when a bidder was dual-qualified and pairing not part of both categories. 

NPBS-734 Changing time when editing bidding schedules does not save correctly 

Time changes were not saved when you changed the time for a category, but not the date (or Manual check box) in updating a bidding schedule. This error has been corrected and such changes save without issue. 

NPBS-823 WebApp tool tips have words split across lines 

The extra properties displayed on the tool tip in the Training tab of the WebApp no longer split words across lines.


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