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20-4 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 20-4 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 20-4 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

N-PBS-698 DAL - Unable to Slide Vacation if Carrying out despite PeriodBoundaySplit set to true 

Crew members were unable to Slide the Vacation if Carrying out, even though the
PeriodBoundaySplit setting was true. The system did not show the vacation in the appropriate
 drop down list. 

N-PBS-735 Correct Bid Submission error message to replace 'Start Pairing/Reserve' text 

The bid submission error message has been corrected to replace 'Start Pairing/Reserve' text with 'Pairing Bid group' or 'Reserve Bid Group'.

N-PBS-643 Reserve Stack Reference Numbers absent in Unstacking Report 

Awards shown on the unstacking report did not display stack reference numbers shown next to them (e.g. "T5" next to an unstacked trip etc.). For concurrent runs, this manifested in reserve unstacked awards not dispalying a stack reference number such as "R5" next to them. This has been corrected. 

N-PBS-668 Acclimatized time incorrectly calculated 

A miscalculation of whether a day free from duty falls within the previous 168 hours or 4 such days fall within the previous 672 hours was possible if a DST change occured in the period. This has been corrected. 

N-PBS-690 Earlier than start time on same date permitted in Prefer Off Dates range 

The system was allowing end time of a date range to be earlier than the start time for Time Range bids. This has been corrected. 

N-PBS-740 Incorrect report name used for .pdf file label 

Running a Schedule report through the Run Manager (Run Manager > Completed > Schedule) incorrectly labeled the report CLASS-RUN COMPARISON. The report is now correctly labeled CLASS-ScheduleReport


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