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20-4 Enhancements


N-PBS 20-4 Enhancements 

N-PBS 20-4 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

N-PBS-639 HAL Cabin - No Same Day Trips Rule  

A No Same Day Trips rule is added to the Cabin Configuration for Hawaiian Airlines. Note:

  • No Midnight Offset
  • Does not include CDOs. 

N-PBS-640 HAL Cabin Add Waive Bid for No Same Day Trips Rule  

A cabin waive bid is added for No_Same_Day_Trips Rule. 

N-PBS-697 HAL - Rest Before and After COB/UNI 

HAL planners now see the following enhancements:

  • Configure HALC for Rest Before Absence Codes Rule
  • Configure HALC for Rest After Absence Codes Rule
  • Set COB for 10 hrs (600 Min) rest prior and 12 hrs (720 min) after
  • Set UNI for 12 hrs (720 Min) rest prior and 12 hrs (720 min) after
  • The codes for COB are C2, CB, CC, CN, and CP
  • The Code for UNI is UN

N-PBS-669 FFT - Configure Pilot for If/If Not Bid 

Configure FFT Pilots to add If/If Not Bid for all relevant Award/Avoid pairing bids. 

N-PBS-638 NKS - Configure Statistic Report Template to add Unstacking Levels 

The NKS Unstacking Report template has two additional statistics:

  • Highest % of Pairing Lines Unstacked
  • Highest Crewmember Unstacked 

These two statistics appear under the existing SLG Statistics.

N-PBS-662 N-OC Import Files - List All Errors in Results for Absences & Rosters 

When Importing XML Files for Absences & Rosters, Administrators see all errors in the files rather than only the first error found.

Note:  Only one error per record is displayed. 

N-PBS-600 Refactor Auto-Open/Close Functionality to use Run Group ID 

Pairing categories now open and close based on Run Group ID data that Administrators can set. When setting a schedule for any pairing category, the system shows the saved schedule at a later stage.  

N-PBS-368 Training Events Module Error Reporting 

When importing training or event requirements files, administrators now see
a report containing the maximum errors (maximum 1 error per requirement
 record if there are more errors in the pattern). 

N-PBS-337 Coverage Awarding Failing to Prefer Non-Undesirable Position from Sys-Gen Award Pairings Bid 

Coverage award combination choosing behavior (after all other bid preferences have been taken into account) has been modified to:

  • prefer fewer trips overall from sys-gen bid(s) for all customers
  • prefer more desirable position trips from sys-gen bids (for customers with undesirable position functionality). 

N-PBS-219 Combine Max Above with ESNBG 

When entering a Award Reserve Bid with Max Above, bidders using the WebApp for consecutive reserve see the following enhancements:

  • The Max Above option is labeled “Max Above”.
  • The option includes a spinner allowing for the selection or entry of a number.
  • The Back To.. option indicates where option will go.
  • The Else Start Next Bid Group is automatically combined with the Max Above bid.
  • The current Else Start Next Bid Group option is no longer on this menu. 


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