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20-4 New Features


N-PBS 20-4 New Features 

N-PBS 20-4 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-700 CJT Configuration 

Administrators from Cargo Jet Airlines now see both new and old CAR rule sets when accessing the CJT system. 

N-PBS-728 CJT - Rest Before and After ETOPS Pairings 

CJT flights are identifiable by specific arrival stations. If any arrival station matches a city from the table then the first value is the rest a CJT pilot is required to take before the pairing, and the second value is the rest required after the pairing. This includes DHD legs. 

N-PBS-732 Create an API for clients to pull valid/Published run outputs for a given Period. 

Administrators now can request data about valid/published run outputs for a given period. The following data is available: 

  • List of Periods, including Period ID, Name, Start, End, IsActive status 
  • List of Valid Runs for a given Period, including ID, Name, State, Category, StartTime, EndTime
  • Output report of a given run, with Run ID, Report Type, and any included report text

The parameters and return values are formatted in JSON. 


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