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20-3 New Features


N-PBS 20-3 New Features 

N-PBS 20-3 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

N-PBS-595 - ACA - Category Seniority on Info Tab 

Category seniority is displayed on the Info page of PBS as “X of Y” in addition to user percentage ranking. Note:

  • If someone has a Parent qualification, they see their relative seniority from their parent category.
  • If someone has both dual qualified they are still only shown their parent relative seniority.
     People with both are removed from the total number used to calculate child relative seniority.
  • Those who only have one child qualification are shown child relative seniority and this number does not
     include anyone with a parent qualification.

ACA Relationship

  • SD = Parent
  • FA = Child

N-PBS-624 - ASA - Add Reduced Block Proration Table to Config 

ASA Administrators now see the RB_30/RB_31 proration tables when viewing the Total Days Off rule in the Rules Editor

N-PBS-571 - Change DAL Export for Reserve Line Indicator (Scheduler) 

DAL planners can now see the line type for each person in the database following a successful scheduler run.

N-PBS-599 - DAL Export Report for Reserve Line Indicator (Non-Scheduler) 

Bidders whose reserve line indicator is set by the scheduler are exported to both the eSimpleReserveLine and eDetailedReserveLine reports.

 Bidders marked as having a reserve line (i.e. flag "S") are in either the eSimpleReserveLine or eDetailedReserveLine reports. 

N-PBS-660 - FFT Change Reserve Proration Table List Values in Run Template  

Administrators for FFT now see the Reserve Proration Table list populated with values such as Pilot_Default, Cabin_11, or Cabin_12 when adding
or editing a Run Template or Run.

 This alters the previous behavior which included a period length as well (for example, 30_Pilot_Default). 

N-PBS-664 - JBU - Add Period Bound Split to Export .LIN & .BAW 

For JBU, absences carried out of period are exported with the Absence End Date being last date of the current period. 

N-PBS-400 - Schedule Roster Report Button Addition 

Administrators now see a Schedule Report button on the Completed Runs tab.

 This button generates the report based on the default options set to 'true'. 

N-PBS-297 - Make Training Seniority Optional in the Training Requirement File 

Administrators using the Events Module can now apply the training seniority number to the appropriate bidder from line type 2. The
Events Module needs to include line type 2 in the training requirements import file. If line 2 is not included, the system populates
the training seniority for the appropriate bidder using the seniority number from the crew personnel import file.

N-PBS-156 – N-OC Enhanced Integration (File Import)  

Administrators using the N-OC Crew System now have the option for an integrated file import. From the General tab, select Integration.
A new option to add the N-OC Server URL for PBS to request this information is available. Multiple servers can be added and a list of
validated servers will be added to the Server Address List. A default server can also be set. 

N-PBS-156 – N-OC Enhanced Integration (File Import)  

The Periods > Data screen is redesigned to include expanded Integrated Imports information, and includes a field to select the N-OC server from which to source the data.

At the left of the screen, you can select which file type to use. Once selected, the server generates the file and the import is started.
The Log shows errors and warnings as it does with Import Files. Dates for each of these imports is determined by the start and end date of the period.

 Integrated Imports can be minimized and Import Files can be maximized. This displays the standard import screen. 

N-PBS-294 - Crew Eligibility Import 

When importing period data files, Administrators can optionally import the Crew Eligibility file.
If the option is chosen, it has no impact upon the original personnel file import option,
and Administrators can import multiple files as before.

 If an imported employee entry does not exist in the system, a warning appears in the import log. 

N-PBS-576 - Disable ConfigRuleExceptions (Rule Exceptions) 

General (non-airline-specific) users of the system no longer see the Rule Exceptions tab in the Rules>Config screen. 


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