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20-2 Bug Fixes


NPBS 20-2 Bug Fixes 

NPBS 20-2 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-582 - Webapp - All buttons in the top tool bar are disabled after re-sync 

Resolved an issue wherein Bidders see the Cut, Copy, Deleted, Edit, and Analyze buttons of the tool bar grayed out and disabled after a data sync. 

NPBS-583  - JBU - Webapp - Slide Vacation Issues 

The error Set Condition [Slide Vacation]-Condition or range must be non-zero. is resolved. Jetblue can now successfully add a slide vacation.

NPBS-591 - POE - Web App - Waive Vacation GDO Bid incorrect date selection 


The Waive Vacation GDO Bid for Porter Airlines now only displays selectable dates (was previously allowing selection of unavailable dates).


NPBS-579 - Webapp - Consecutive Reserve - Start Pairing group 

Resolved an issue wherein the arrow to move a Start Pairing group above a Start Reserve Bid group was grayed out, disallowing the move. 

NPBS-551 - Webapp - Day of Week Calendar Widget - Multiple to Single Day Selection 

Resolved an issue wherein the selected Bid line items can become out of sync with the Day-of-Week calendar

NPBS-573 –  Webapp/WUI- Slide Group improperly displaying when Slide Bids for Slide Groups are not fully inside period  

Resolved an issue to ensure that Slide Bids for Slide Groups must be fully inside a bid period to be permitted. 

NPBS-587 - Web App - Pairing Number Depart On Bid from Pairings tab 

Corrected an issue where adding a Pairing Number Depart On Bid from the Pairings tab added a previously selected date (currently deselected) to the list. 

NPBS-554 - Web App - Application not recognizing ESN in Max Above Else Start Next reserve bid option 

Corrected an issue wherein the system failed to recognize the ESN attached to the Set Condition Max Above setting. 

NPBS-568 - WebApp wrongly allowing Slide Bids for Slide Groups not fully inside period 

Resolved an issue where the Web Application allowed slide bids which it should not allow (not fully inside a bid period), which were then refused by the scheduler.


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