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20-2 Enhancements


NPBS 20-2 Enhancements 

NPBS - 20-2 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-548 - JZA - Change of Min Value - Waive before Training 

JZA bidders are prevented from entering a value of less than 1 day when viewing a 2 Days off Before Training waive. This prevents reserve cabin crew from waiving days off less than one day prior to training.

NPBS-539 - MXY - Pilot and Cabin Configurations 

Administrators from Breeze Airways now have a custom system configuration, with Cabin Crew and Pilot bidders having all requested options available. 

NPBS-502 - FFT - Cabin Configuration 

Administrators from Frontier airlines now have a custom system configuration, with Cabin Crew having all requested options available. 

NPBS-570 - ASH - Given Rules now Ignore Block Time Summary 

For Mesa Airlines, runs that include MinDaysOff, MinDaysOn,
MaxDaysOn, and EarlyReportTimeAfterSingleDaysOff rules are
ignored by the scheduler. This addresses an issue with CrewTrac
import where unnecessary information was being introduced into
the system.

NPBS-536 - RAIDO Import Files - List All Errors in Results for Historical Pairings and Pairings 

Administrators now see all errors in the RAIDO Import Files (that is, Max One Error Per Pairing but for all the pairings in the file) when importing XML files for Historical Pairings and Pairings.

NPBS-478 - Prevent Adding Pairing Bid Line Option if Nothing Selected

In the Bid Preferences Editor, the Average Daily Credit selection criteria drop box forces Bidders to select from the list of options.
If no option is selected, the Apply button remains grayed out, thereby preventing the addition of Pairing Line Bids with no value. 

NPBS-581 - Add Edit/Add Mode to Bid Line 

This enhancement indicates the adding and editing of bids to the valid bidline preview (depending upon screen) for increased clarity. The message stays
 present on the bidline until the Bidder exits add or edit mode by closing the bidline editor.

NPBS-380 - Bid Submission Message Change 

The clarity of bid submission messages has been improved for bidders. Submissions now show confirmation numbers and follow the order:

  • Current
  • Default
  • Training

Unsuccessfully submitted bids now appear in orange text, and successfully submitted bids appear in green. 

NPBS-448 - Change Syntax for Starting Bid Groups 

The syntax within the bid group header and start bid group window changed for greater clarity. The changes are:

  • Start Bid Group changes to Add Bid Group
  • Start Pairings changes to Pairing Bid Group
  • Start Reserve changes to Reserve Bid Group
  • Start Reserve Bid changes to Award Reserve
  • Start Training changes to Training Bid Group  


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