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20-2 New Features


NPBS 20-2 New Features 

NPBS 20-2 New Features 

We estimate that this will take 1 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-430 - Add Second Priority Stack Date (UI) 

In addition to the existing primary stack date, PBS now offers a secondary priority stack date.
 The secondary date can only be enabled if the primary unstacking date is enabled. 

NPBS-352 - Import Special Role Flags from RAIDO 


Administrators can now configure some of the PBS flags to trigger based on special roles information found in the RAIDO Crew import file.
 With each import, 4 flags are set to true or false based upon the following rules.

  • Eligible/Ineligible Bidder: INB (everyone is eligible unless INB)
  • Use Reduce Block: RB (default: false)
  • Line Check Airman: CAM prefix (default: false)
  • Green: GP (default: false)

Given the above values, the Eligiblility flag is set to false, and the other flags set to true.
If the values are not defined in the import, then each flag is set to default values.


Note: There are two flags not included in this new process. The process for the Exempt from Language Unstacking and Eligible for Training flags remain unchanged.





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