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20-1 Bug Fixes


20-1 Bug fixes 

20-1 bug fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

WebApp- Pairing screen preference section scrolling issue

Corrected an issue where the scrolling of options disallows the presentation of the full list on the Pairings tab.
 Scrolling to the bottom of the list displayed the end options, but releasing the scroll would hide them again. 

Admin UI (IE 11) - Categories tab List Boxes no longer functional when returning from Add/Edit view 

Addressed an error in the Config > Categories tab prevented Base, Equipment Classification, and Crew
lists from functioning (hover, select, scroll) after returning from an Add/Edit view. 

Web App Submit button display issue  

Corrected an issue wherein the submit button was disabled after submitting the bids. Before the fix, a user needed to switch tabs
 (leave the bid page and return) to re-enable the button. No changes were made to the bid when this occurred.

Web App : Vacation Slide positive time zone Issue 

Corrected an issue wherein the system would display an error when a user attempts a vacation slide with
 the user having extreme time zone difference from the host server. 

WebApp disallows the closing of Bid Preference Panel 

Corrected an error wherein the Bid Preference Panel disallowed itself to be closed when adding or editing bids.
 This would result in the bids screen becoming unresponsive and the user was required to either switch tabs or log out to continue. 

Web App Analyzer Prefer Off Bid not working properly in some cases 

Corrected an issue where Prefer Off Bid was not matching the expected Pairing, resulting in the subsequent bids not filtering the provided dates.

Bug making ACA FA Pairings unawardable if Purser position requires language and is left In Open time 

Addressed an error disallowing pairings from being awarded to any of the FAs if the Purser position for the pairing is in Open time,
and the pairing is such that Purser position requires a route language.

This circumstance occurred when ACA had a pairing where the BL requirement equaled the number of positions on
the pairing, including the Purser position.

Missing Reserve Coloring Stats from the Run Stats 

Reserve Coloring statistics were absent from the NKS Run Statistics. Reserve Coloring Stats have been added to the NKS Run Statistics.


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