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19-5 Bug Fixes


19-5 Bug Fixes 

Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-422 - JBU - Make Bidder UI Use the Pilot/Cabin Show Blackout Dates Config 

Jetblue Cabin Bidders will no longer see the blackout dates when viewing the calendar in the WebApp. 

NPBS-438 - Scheduler Crash with Slide Bid for Date in the Past 

This fix corrects an issue wherein the PBS system would crash if a person had a slide bid for a date in the past with a matching absence (in the past).
 The system now ignores the bid, because no absence is found to match the bid date.

NPBS-233 - Multi-Selection deleting is not allowed in Locations Table in Admin UI/Locations tab 

Bug reported that when selecting multiple locations from the Locations table of the Administrator UI, selecting Delete will prompt for deletion, but deletion will be disallowed.

 This is expected functionality, and not a bug. The system will not delete a location if there exists a reference to that specific location. 

NPBS-413 - Bid group fail with CSSN when pilot is in LCW 

This bug fix addresses an issue wherein when processing a bid group, the system would exit immediately (that is, trigger the CSSN) when a user had pre-awards with sufficient credit that allowed access to the credit window and then entered a bid group with a Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group (CSSN) bid with no bidder-entered Award bids in it.

 This has been corrected. The system now does not exit the bid group, and considers the user to have a valid pairing line, consisting of just their pre-awards. 

NPBS-437 - Web App (Standard) Calendar : Period Label is wrong 

This bug corrects an issue wherein the Period Label on the calendar screen was incorrectly displaying JAN 2019 instead of JAN 2020.  

NPBS-439 - Bid UI allowed multiple Min Days Off bids in same bid group 

This bug corrects an issue wherein a bidder was able to set two separate "Set Condition Minimum Days Off" bids in the same bid group. This behavior is no longer permitted.  

NPBS-443 - UTC/Base Error Causing Incorrect Future Block to included in Prefer Off Complete Blocks bid 

This bug fix corrects an issue wherein the system made a UTC vs. Base time error when measuring whether at least one activity in the run could have overlapped the future block.
 Without the proper conversion, the system was including incorrect blocks in the "Prefer Off Weekends" bid. 

NPBS-472 - JBU Red Blackout dates on the Bid preference calendar become black when hovered on the blackout dates

Red Blackout dates on Bid preference calendar were reported becoming black when hovered on the blackout dates.


Note: Extensive testing of this issue could not reproduce the behavior. No changes were made.

NPBS-490 - WEB - Bidder unable to add Prefer Off Dates Bid in Internet Explorer 11 

An issue resulted in bidders being unable to add Prefer Off Dates Bid using the Web UI in Microsoft Internet Explorer, as the calendar was not displayed to allow date selection.
 This has been corrected. 


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