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19-5 Enhancements


19-5 Enhancements 


We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-452 - Change RAIDO Export Button 

Administrators with RAIDO exports configured now see a button in the Run Manager > Reports > Exports screen labelled Create RAIDO Export File. This replaces the previous "Generate RAIDO Crew Roster Export" button.

NPBS-455 - Change RAIDO Data Import Labels 

Administrators with RAIDO imports now see an updated set of data import labels on the Data Import Screen. These labels appear in both the column headers and the drop-down file type labels.

 The new labels are:

  • RAIDO Crew
  • RAIDO Absence Activities 
  • RAIDO Historical Pairings 
  • RAIDO Historical Block Time 
  • RAIDO Pairings


NPBS-466 - Change Offline Key Message 

Single Sign On users when accessing the PBS Web Application and returning from the IDP login screen now see the offline key prompt with a title reading "Offline Key" rather than "SSO Login" for using PBS in offline mode. 

NPBS-473 - Add Offline Verbiage to Offline Sign In Screen 

When accessing the PBS Web Application sign-in screen, users now see verbiage indicating offline mode when the system is offline. 

NPBS-474 - WebApp Login Screen Forgot Password Changes 

When accessing the PBS Web Application sign-in screen, users will now not see the Change Password link if the system is offline, as this feature is not possible while in offline mode.


When in online mode, the link is provided, and a hand icon appears when the cursor hovers over the link. 

NPBS-343 - NKS - Training Module Report Enhancement 

The Training Module Award report for Spirit Airlines now includes a new column that contains the Pilot's first name.

 Also, if a pilot is not awarded training, the Award column in the report will read, "No award for (training type)". 

NPBS-382 - POE - Add CAR 700 Rules (using rule groups) 

Setups for Porter Airlines now include CAR 700 rules. Drop-down menu items now include this rule set, and when selected will preclude the use of rules from other rule groups. 

NPBS-393 - ASH - Add FAR121 Rules Set to Pilot Run Template 

The pilot run template now allows ASH administrators to toggle between FAR 117 rules and FAR 121 rules.

NPBS-432 - JBU - Cabin Remove Followed by Option 

Jetblue Cabin Bidders will no longer see "Followed By" (Maximum time between pairings) option when selecting "Award Pairings". 

NPBS-476 - FFT - Change in Redeye Definition 

When importing crew plan pairing data, Frontier Airlines Administrators will see flights between 01:59 and 04:59 inclusive flagged as redeye flights 

NPBS-489 - DAL - Changes to JSON Output 

When viewing the Delta JSON output, Delta users will now see Top Level name/tag is CrewAward, and Bid Period Codes are numeric values.
The FileName value no longer includes NavBlue or TEMP/FINAL in it, and there is no Version name. 


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