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19-5 New Features


19-5 New Features 

New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-407 - Add Acclimation Status to Line Simulator 

Administrators now have access to a new Acclimation report in the Line Simulator tab. This feature shows a report of each duty in the current period plus 7 calendar days prior to the current period.  

NPBS-433 - Two Columns of Buttons on Run Manager > Completed Screen 

The Run Manager > Completed screen has been changed to include a second column of buttons.
The additional column allows for the existing buttons to be separated into actions groups, report/stat and run commands.

Column contents break down into these buttons:

Column 1

  • Set State
  • Convert *
  • Delete 
  • Launch Child 
  • Relaunch 
  • Refresh


Column 2 

  • Reports 
  • Stats 
  • Dynamic Stats 
  • Excel Export


* Convert is available on the Completed Run screen for ALCs which have training group/bids.

NPBS-10 - POE - Vacation GDO 

Administrators expect the scheduler to automatically add 2 GDO before and after each block of consecutive Vacation days during the scheduler process.
Consequently, when creating a Vacation GDO during the award on a day that already has a preplanned activity, the GDO is not awarded on that day.

The amount of consecutive Vacation days has no bearing upon the trigger of the GDO (no minimum Vacation days)
That is, if only 1 Vacation day remains, a bidder still gets 2 GDO before and after the Vacation day.

All Vacation GDO counts toward the "min day off" GDO as awarded in the Pairing/Reserve Awards
Total of 12 GDO per pairing/reserve line (15 for reduced block lines).

The system will need to know there is a Vacation GDO on the first day of the following (future) period and therefore not award a carryout trip.
If waiving GDO on last day of period, it automatically removes the first day of the following period (making it available for a carryout trip).
When the next period becomes the active period, the 1st should no longer be waived from the prior period and the bidder must waive the first day again
in the new period if they wish. The first day of the future period should be waivable even though it is out of the current period.

First 4 days of following period are selectable
For Example: Current period June 1-30 and Vacation Days July 2-6.
The system will need to know there is a Vacation GDO on July 1 and therefore not award a carryout trip. July 1 is waivable even during the June bidding period.

The system needs to know if there is a vacation at the end of the prior period from the history file.
If the prior period had a vacation day 2 days prior to the end of the period, then the scheduler should award a GDO on the first day of the new period, if not waived.
 Further, if the prior period ended with a vacation day on the last day, the scheduler should award GDO on the first 2 days of the new period, if not waived.

  • When creating a Vacation GDO during the award on a day that already has a preplanned activity, the GDO should not be awarded on that day.
  • A Waive is not necessary if a pre-award exists.

NPBS-257 - DAL - Save Reports to Web Server

When a Delta administrator generates a final award file and selects Publish in the Admin GUI, the file is published within NavBlue, and saved to the web server.

The file naming convention for a published final file is PBS.PRD.FINAL.(remainder of file name). If the file is being sent from the UAT system, the file naming convention is PBS.INT.FINAL.(remainder of file name).

 Any other exported bid award file continues to be generated from the reports page in the Admin GUI, using the ‘Generate DeltaO03 Report’ button. 

NPBS-300 - FFT- Reserve Waive Min Days Off 

Frontier Pilots are now able to waive minimum consecutive days off when bidding in a reserve group.

Pilots can now select a "Waive Minimum Consecutive Days Off" option to accomplish this. When a pilot is awarded a reserve line from a bid group with this waive, selection of the minimum consecutive days off setting is not required.

 Note that administrators are still able to set the minimum consecutive days off. 

NPBS-371 - JZA - Reserve Line Rest Before and After Absences 

When there is a Work for Duty activity, Jazz Reserve Line Crewmembers now receive a given number of minutes of rest before and after the activity.

The rule uses the time that is set in reserve type to determine the number of minutes that constitute sufficient rest.

 For each absence, the rule checks rest before (and/or after) the absence, between the absence and the nearest other Work For Duty activity before (and/or after) the absence, but only when the following apply:

• Rest Rules Apply is set to true on the absence
• Work For Duty is set to true on the absence (so both activities involved must be Work For Duty)
• At least 1 of the 2 activities involved is current run awardable.

 Administrators see this rule in the Rules Editor and the parameters should be present. 

NPBS-402 - BWA - Add IOE Config 

When in the Admin UI Pairings Tab, Caribbean Airlines administrators now see the IOE Pairings Tab and all associated functionality. 

NPBS-436 - JZA - Award Stat Day in Reserve 

JZA Cabin Bidders now have the ability to bid for Stat days in reserve lines.

Stat Awards are listed under the Stat Bid in the reasons report. These bids will be forced to the top of Reserve bid groups and be done as a pre-process after unstacking constraints are defined.
"Max Stat Day Bank" from the run template is an independent number from the pairing stat day bank.

This uses the values from the imported stat day bank, as it does for pairings. A stat day can only be awarded on a calendar day that has no other activities.
 Stat days do not count as days off towards TotalDaysOffInPeriod. 

NPBS-446 - FFT - Configure FFT with Min Days Off Rule 

Frontier Airlines administrators now see blocks of 3 days off on pairing lines.

 Bidders see a waive that allows them to waive Min Days Off to 2,1 when bidding. 


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