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19-4 Bug Fixes


19-4 Bug Fixes 

This topic will cover the bug fixes in the 19-4 Preferential Bidding System. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS - 275 - ALL - Min Open Time Violated by SLG Allowing Swapping

SLG allowing swapping was introduced after the original implementation of Min Open Credit.

There is functionality that once a person is affected by Min Open Credit, swapping should be disallowed for the remainder of the pass.
However, SLG is still allowing swapping, even after that point, which can lead to open credit falling below the minimum.

 This fix prevents SLG from allowing swapping after the point where swapping is disallowed for the remainder of the pass has been reached.

NPBS - 280 - ALL - Carry Out and Depart On, Carry Out and Duty On Combination Search Inoperative

When searching Pairings If Carry Out > 0 some returned results were incorrect. If Carry Out > 0 then Duty On Combination search was also improperly reporting.

 These issues have been corrected.

NPBS - 291 - ALL - Forget Line Displays 'NaN'

The issue where a BidLine linked to the Forget Bid is edited, then displayed "NaN" in the Forget BidLine has been corrected. This issue appeared only where bids were not in the first bid group. 

NPBS - 292 - ALL - Incorrect Version Number and Year Displayed

The calendar incorrectly displayed the release as 19.2, and the year as 2018, as opposed to the current version and year. This has been corrected.

NPBS - 312 - ALL - Line Simulator Bug with Absences in Different Locations

This fix ensures the line simulator behaves consistently with the actual rule in the scheduler in cases where a person has an absence at a different location.

NPBS - 340 - ALL - Traditional Calendar View Misaligned

When switching from the flat calendar to the traditional square calendar, the vertical lines were misaligned:

This has been corrected.

NPBS - 356 - ALL - Automation process (Task Manager) does not open the Bidding at the set schedule

Task Manager was not opening bidding schedules (but did close at the appropriate set schedule). This has been corrected.

NPBS - 363 - ACA - Web App : Sync not working properly for dual category person

Sync has been confirmed to work properly under instances where users with dual categories log in.

NPBS - 364 - ALL - Web App Training Tab: Training Identifier (Pattern) display issue on different browsers

This fix addresses an issue where the Training Identifier (Training Pattern Row) is not displayed properly in some browsers.

It caused issues with the Dates row not being properly aligned with the Days of week header. The Identifier number will now wrap to the next line.

 This has been corrected.


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