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19-4 Enhancements


19-4 Enhancements 

This topic will cover the enhancements in the 19-4 N-Preferential Bidding System Release. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS - 212 - ALL - Standardize Date / Days List Order

In the past, when selecting bids options and filters that utilize dates and days, WebApp bidder were presented with a sub option list that was not always consistent across multiple bid and filter options. This enhancement corrects that behavior.

 The sub option list now always appears in alphabetical order when multiple options have the same day / date sub options. All sub-options follow this basic list order:

  • Dates List
  • Dates Range
  • Dates Time Range
  • Days Of Week List
  • Days Of Week Range
  • Days Of Week Time Range
  • Time
  • Weekends


NPBS - 213 - ALL - Simplify Start Bid Group

The Bids screen contains an enhancement that simplifies the Start Bid Group process. The Start Bid Group button has been moved to the right side of the screen, just to the left of the bid Menu:


Clicking the button then activates the bid group options as a list in the bid option area. This reduces the number of clicks required to start a new bid group.

NPBS - 221- ALL - Bid Screen Icons to Remain Fixed

This enhancement to the user interface improves the behavior of the bid icons:


The Bid Screen now always displays the Bid icons (such as copy, paste, etc.) in the top right of the screen next to the Start Bid Group button.

 In instances where an icon is inactive, it now appears in grey, and is not selectable.

NPBS - 332- JZA - Reserve Code Start Time Change

This enhancement shifts the start time for reserve activities by one minute.

Administrators looking at a RES award will now see a start time for each reserve activity of 00:01 when looking at run report export.

 This is reflected on the UI as 00:01 as the start time for each activity.

NPBS - 335- JBU - X Minutes Off n Y Minutes From Beginning of FDP Modification

This enhancement ensures that there will be no cases where a pilot receives a pairing line that has less than the designated X minutes of
rest in their home base in any Y rolling minutes prior to the beginning of any working absence where the Training flag is set to true.

When reviewing the reasons report and bid was not honored due to this rule, the reason will read, "Insufficient Home Base Rest".

 This parameter is configurable, but by default is set to true. 

NPBS - 153- ALL - Consolidate Multiple Data Sync Calls in WebApp

This enhancement improves the speed of the sign-in process for users.

 Changes to data retrieval calls to the database have been consolidated allowing for less network latency and fewer validation cycles.


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