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19-3 Enhancements


19-3 Enhancements 

This topic will cover the enhancements in the 19-3 N-Preferential Bidding System Release. 

We estimate that this will take 15 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-70 - QA - PBS 16-5 - Web App - Pairing Filter/Analyzer - If Departing On Searching is not working properly with a period with duplicate dates 

In instances where a bid period contains a date with the same numeric value, for example February 1 and March 1, the date highlighted when using the application was incorrect. This has been corrected.

NPBS-89 - 4 Consecutive Days Off Minimum in Event Module 

NKS bidders using the events module upon receiving at least one day off will receive a minimum of four consecutive calendar days off before being scheduled for another working activity,
(eg. carry-in pairings, training event, working absences) if the events are not back to back.

This is before the start or end of an event pattern, regardless of whether or not the event itself is a working absence. Determining whether an absence is working or not
uses the 'work for days on/off' flag. (for absences that are not part of training pattern).

This minimum can be waived 4 days off down to X (3,2,1). The waive syntax is 'Waive Min days off to X'


NPBS-108 - Add Converged to Dynamic Stats

Administrators can now determine if the completed run converged without generating an unstacking report.

The top section of the Dynamic Stats report now includes a Converged label Underneath the Valid label indicating whether completed runs have converged with a Yes or No.

If unstacking is not enabled it reads Not Used. This information also exports in an Excel file to the right of the Valid column:

NPBS-110 - Email Address Import/Export

Administrators can now import a .csv file that will update email addresses. The new functionality is located in the Crew screen in its own tab labeled Email.
From the Email screen, administrators can export or import. Import data should be structured into two columns, Employee# and Email:

Exported data files can be used as a template for future imports if needed. Import data files should include all PBS bidders from the active period, even if they do not currently have an email address on file.
 The behavior of the import process is as follows:


  • Only the users on the import file are updated.
  • Any user in PBS but not included in the import file will be ignored (users are not updated if they already have an email in PBS).
  • The import will overlay any existing data in the system.
  • If a user already has an email in PBS, but the import has a different email, the existing email will be replaced with the email in the import.
  • If person from import file does not exist in the active period a warning appears in the Import Log.

 Note that import/export can only be performed in an active period.

NPBS-145 - JZA - Special Carry-In Being Awarded w Conflict 

This fix ensures that crew with Carry-out pairing and Special Carry-in had Special Carry-in added to the first non conflicting day.

Expected behavior is that whenever possible these items will be placed in the export file on the first day (or days) of the period which are not already occupied by any other activity (pairing, absence or reserve day).

 Prior to the fix, they were being exported on dates that have a carry-in pairing. 

NPBS-147 - NKS - Pilot Waive of 1 Day in 7 Rule in Event Module 

An NKS Pilot who is bidding for training in the training module is currently required to have 1 day off in 7 per the current configuration.

 The crew member will now be optionally able to have a waive bid with the syntax "1 Day Off in 7", that waives the 1 in 7 requirement for this pilot in the training event award.


NPBS-154 - Admin UI Run Parameters Max Stack Height Zero 

Run parameter max stack height spinners by day, and languages setting values are changed to minimum of 1. This removes the need for an error message of max stack height 0.

NPBS-181 - QXE - Remove Rest After Training Waive for Cabin 

QXE Flight Attendants no longer have the ability to waive "Rest After Training". Waive Rest After Training is no longer supported.

NPBS-195 - Change Confirmation Message for Events Module 

Users submitting a bid now receive a confirmation message indicating an Event Bid rather than a Training Bid.

 Note this is limited to systems configured for the Events module.

NPBS-205 - POE - IOE Config 

Administrators now see the IOE Pairings tab with all associated functionality when in the Admin
 UI Pairings

The Config spreadsheet now displays ENABLED in the POE column of the
UserTpeOptions sheet.

NPBS-211 Make Message Bar Fixed on Pairing/Training Screens

Bidders now see a fixed message bar on the pairing and training screens of the WebApp. This bar now displays regardless of the use of a filter. This will prevent the screen content from appear to 'jump'.

NPBS-215 - Raido Roster File Fixes 

Two modifications to the Raido Roster file importer:


  • Deadhead Pairing Legs which were not included in Historical Pairing but rather were included as "Transport" activities are now imported into Historical Pairing as an Absence.
  • The system now uses the second entry in the roster file as the base of the crew in the active period.
     This change was made to correct instances wherein the first item could contain multiple bases in the crew element which could cause issues when creating pairings. 

NPBS-220 - Enhance Drop Down & Selection Spinners 

Bidders using the WebApp no longer need to designate a particular data type before selecting it from the selection spinner.
For example, when using a bid or filter (such as Total Legs In Pairing) which has sub options that allow the selection of a number,
the process immediately activates the spinner when selecting the bid/filter option. The previous workflow required the use of
 a drop-down menu to designate a numeric value before using the spinner.

NPBS-224 - Enable Line Check Airmen 

Administrators can now use the View User CrewType Options to see Line Check Airman information for UCA, NKS, and BWA.


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