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19-3 New Features


19-3 New features 

This topic will cover the new features in the 19-3 Preferential Bidding System. 

We estimate that this will take 5 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-26 - X Minutes Off in Y Minutes From Beginning of FDP 

Administrators now have a configurable rule that searches for a specified amount of rest (X) free from duty in a specified amount of time (Y).

The value is calculated in minutes to allow flexibility and employs an 'in-base' flag to specify if it should be looking for this time free from duty only in base or anywhere in the schedule.

This time for (Y) looks backwards from the beginning of each FDP. Note the following:

  • PBS will NOT enforce the X minutes off in Y minutes at the start of a deadhead-only duty.
  • PBS will NOT enforce the X minutes off in Y minutes at the start of a working absence.
  • Layovers within pairings, if sufficiently long, will qualify as rests for this rule only if In-Base flag is not selected.
  • The “Work for Duty” flag on absence codes will determine whether an absence occurring during the Y minutes range counts as duty [or counts as rest].

 For example, if X is set to 1800 minutes and Y is set to 10080 minutes and the 'in-base flag is selected, then prior to the beginning of any FDP the crew member will have to have 1800 minutes free from duty in base in the previous 10080 minutes.

NPBS-112 - Max Pairing Lines 

Administrators using standard, consecutive, or concurrent reserve can set a maximum number of pairing lines that can be awarded.

Once the scheduler has reached the maximum number of pairing lines that can be awarded in a particular run, all subsequent bidders will be awarded a reserve line.

This is not a minimum value, only a maximum, so pairing lines can be awarded up to this number.

A field at the top of the run manager titled Max Pairing Lines with a spinner containing values between 0 and 5000 is provided. The default value in new run templates is 5000.

 When an Administrator launches a run from a template or relaunches a run, this field populates with the value stored in the template or the value in the run this was relaunched from.

NPBS-112 - Max Pairing Lines 

When the scheduler builds the amount of pairing lines set, the system will handle shadow lines as follows:


  • Bidder is shadow on every day of the period and all awards are shadows. Does not Count.
  • Bidder is shadow on some days of the period (not all), but all of their pairing awards are shadow. Does not count.
  • Bidder is shadow on some days of the period (not all), they get a mixture of shadow and non-shadow pairing awards. Counts toward Max Pairing Lines.
  • Bidder is shadow on some days of the period (not all), all of their awards are non-shadow. Counts toward Max Pairing Lines.
    This will be configured for ASH only.


This field is found in the Pairing Scheduler Screen, below Max SLG.

NPBS-193 - NKS - Training Module Award Report 

Administrators can now run a Training Awards report. The report is accessible through the Run Manager > Completed > Output Tab.

The report can be exported in .CSV format with file name PBS Training Awards.

 If there is no award, the columns (event ID/Date/Type) are empty.


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