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Pairing Number

Bid for or avoid

  • Specific pairing numbers; or

  • Pairing numbers greater than or less than a specific number; or

  • Pairing numbers within or outside a range.


Award Pairings bid example

Award Pairings If Pairing C9018, C021

  • It awards pairings C9018 and/or C021.


How the N-PBS Scheduler handles multiple pairing numbers in a bid preference

The scheduler does not apply a priority to any pairing if there are multiple pairings in the same bid preference. In the example above C9018 has no priority over C021. No preference, priority or limit is applied to the pairing numbers. The scheduler will try to award as many as possible of the  pairings in the list pending legalities and availability. If a pairing operates on multiple dates it can be awarded more than once unless you add a limit to the bid.

Award Pairings If Not Pairing C9018, C021

  • It awards pairings that are not pairings C9018 or C021.


Avoid Pairings bid example

Avoid Pairings If Pairing Number Between C9001 And C9014

  • It filters out pairings with pairing numbers from C9001 to C9014.

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